Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I (Wish) I Wore Wednesday

So the last few weeks have been very uninspiring for me clothes-wise. It's so hot and humid out that I have been just picking the coolest, loosest clothing I can find in my closet. Nothing has been good enough to even bother taking pictures of. Then, on top of that, has been back to school shopping. This year I have one starting kindergarden and one starting high school (yikes!) so I have had double the supply and clothes shopping as I have been used to in previous years. Of course, while out to buy for the kids, I have found so many cute things I want for myself. This week I decided to do this a little differently. I have put together pieces I have seen that I like to show you what I wish I was wearing. Most outfits are more suited to cooler weather than I will see any time soon (wishful thinking?) but it will give you an idea of what direction I hope to be moving toward dresswise.

As usual, I am linking to Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy and her WIW Party.


This outfit is all Old Navy. I have this shirt already in the green pattern and love it. It can't hurt to have it in another color if I really like it, right?

The shirts in this outfit are AE, the pants Old Navy.

The cute tank is Old Navy (love the roses at the neck) and the sweater and jeans are AE.

Another Old Navy outfit. Love all the ruffle details.

So there you have it. I didn't include shoes because I haven't been shoe shopping yet, and don't know what might be waiting for me out there (hehe!). Hopefully sometime in the near future I can show you some real pics of me wearing these.

Go check out The Pleated Poppy and what all the other ladies in blogland are wearing.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

So Yummy. . . I May Be Addicted

I've been trying to cut down on all the sugary sweet snacks we tend to keep in the house. If the kids realize what we have, they drive me crazy until I give in and give them something. But then, when Mom decides she really, really needs chocolate, that doesn't leave me with many choices. Well, yesterday was that day. I HAD to have some chocolate. It was almost 9:00 on a Sunday night, which meant that my run-out-and-pick-up-something-gooey-and-chocolatey choices were really limited. And, I really didn't feel like baking something because by the time I got it mixed up and baked I would be too tired to even want it anymore. So I did what any good Mom would do - I dug around the pantry behind all the boring stuff until I hit upon the jackpot

Rold Gold Honey Wheat Twists and Nutella. I realize it may not look like much, but together, WOW! And so easy, all I did was take a twist and dip it in the Nutella. It was heavenly, truly the best thing I had ever had (at least at the time, hehe). I have now eaten my way through most of the bag of twists and about half the jar of Nutella and I'm sure gained back part of those 8 pounds I recently lost. But it's all worth it. Mom's happy now! And lucky for me, the kids don't realize that it's sweet and good, looks like it's a treat all for me.
Have a great day

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update and Inspiration

I'm still here! I've just been overwhelmed this past week with kids, work, high school soccer, back to school shopping and just basic everyday Mom tasks. I have also been busy with some projects that have me kind of excited. I'll post more about that later when I can get some pictures taken.

I'm sure if you have been on the internet for any amount of time you have seen these images. The Keep Calm and Carry On image has been around since WWII, and has become quite popular in the past few years. I have always been inspired by that image, but I have also loved some of the variations that other people have created. Here are just a few that give me inspiration, in many forms.

This one is pretty self explanitory, coffee, my favorite ;)

This one has been my driving force this past week. I love the lightbulb!

This one just makes me laugh! Haven't we all had those days?

Just because I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan.

I think I need to just post this at the coffee maker so I can see it first thing every morning. Again, it's all about the coffee!

I hope these will make you smile, and possibly give a little inspiration too! I'll be back to full swing soon, so until then, have a great day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I think I've created a monster

I love my iPod Touch, it's like my lifeline most of the time. I keep my calendar on it, check my email, keep up with facebook and work on my solitaire score. But here lately it seems my youngest child, my baby who still gives me hugs and cuddles, has developed a love for it that is all his own. He is obsessed with it! He can actually work it better than Lindsey can. Luckily he hasn't figured out my password to download apps yet (but believe me, he's tried). I have now started using it as a bargaining tool. If he does something that I want him to then he can play with it for 5 minutes. The five minutes doesn't always work, but at least it gets him to clean up toys or take a bath.

Just look at that face. I told you he loves that little gadget.

And as soon as he gets ahold of it, he gets to work.
I guess the little fingers do just fine with the touch screen.

His favorite app is the flixter app. You can go on it and watch movie trailers. He's a movie fan, just like his Mom.

I'm not sure if this is the best thing for him to be playing with so much, but as long as it keeps the fights over toys to a minimum, it works for me.

Have a great day!