Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Cake Time!

Today my oldest "baby" turned 14. I can't believe he is this old. He will be starting high school in the fall. (sniff, sniff) But on the good side, he is becoming a wonderful man, and if I may say so, quite handsome at that.

This was taken this afternoon after I put the finishing touches on his birthday cake. Each year I let my kids pick any kind of cake for their birthday. He always picks chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The past few years he has added to his requests. This year we ended up with chocolate cake, chocolate icing, mini candy bars and chocolate covered strawberries.

Don't you just feel the insulin shock coming on just looking at that picture? I guess as long as he was happy with it, then I am completely satisfied.

And Lindsey was thrilled too. She has decided that she wants the same kind of cake, but hers needs more pink and Tinkerbell (teehee!)

I guess we will just have to see how that goes when her birthday gets here. Gabe had a great day, got lots of money (the gift of choice for 14 year old boys), and went to a baseball game with his friends. And just because it is his birthday, and I am about to start tearing up again, here is my favorite newer pic of him. This was taken last month at the 8th grade prom.

Isn't he handsome? Happy Birthday to my sports lovin', video game playin', 24 hour non-stop textin' and all around great kid, I Love You!

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