Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to you (and me!)

Birthday season has hit in full force here! This time of year is very busy for my family. Between Father's Day and the middle of September it's like a non-stop birthday party. Here is my list -
June 20 - Father's Day
June 24 - Dad's Birthday
June 30 - Stepmom's Birthday
June 30 - BFF (Twinsie) Birthday
July 12 - My Birthday (!!!)
July 16 - Gabe's Birthday (My oldest, 14 this year, yikes!)
August 6 - Grandma's Birthday
August 20 - Lindsey's Birthday (My middle child, 5 this year)
Spetember 13 - Brody's Birthday (My youngest, 3 this year)
So you see, summer's are pretty busy here. There are also various friends of the kids who also have birthdays during this time. Not only does this keep me busy with the gift buying and giving, planning around parties and who is taking the kids where and so on, I am also trying to plan our own parties and celebrations. So far my oldest has been pretty easy on the planning. He and his best friend (July 30 bday!) have decided they want to take a group of friends to Hooters. Ah, the joys of having a 14 year old son (NOT!).
You may have noticed I have a birthday pretty soon, as in tomorrow! I'll be celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of my 21st birthday (you do the math, hehe). To celebrate in only a way a Mother could appreciate, my Hubby took me out yesterday afternoon. Just the two of us. No kids. No picking up or dropping off. No hurrying, just peace. It was wonderful! I took full advantage of my time and actually bought a few things for myself, not all the other upcoming birthdays. Ask my Hubby, that is amazing for me. Here is what I got.

The floral shirt (which looks much better in person) is from Old Navy. All the rest is American Eagle. I like that I can pretty much wear all of it anywhere, work, Mom stuff, errands. And that it can all be layered and worn into the fall. Right now it's been so hot that just the thought of fall seems unreal, but I know I need to start planning now. I love finding good deals on things I can wear for most of the year. Definately a Happy Birthday for me!
Tomorrow I am going out with some great ladies to celebrate, but before that I'm going to post a recipe for some really yummy treats. Perfect for birthdays, parties, kids, PMS, breakfast, whatever. Hope to see you then!

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