Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday finally got better

Monday started just the way it was supposed to - bad. I woke up late on the one morning this week I had to be up for work. I rushed to get ready and get there, then forgot to clock in when I did get there. When I got home from work I think every toy that Lindsey and Brody own was on the living room floor. Guess who gets to clean most of that up? Yeah, me. But my Hubby just got home from work and handed over the mail and made my day so much better.

A new Pottery Barn catalog and free Starbucks!

There are 2 things I should probably explain about myself. First - I LOVE looking through catalogs. I could look and dream for hours with the right materials. PB, Restoration Hardware, Ballard, Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table are my favs. I can't afford about 98% of what I like, but I can dream. I can also find things I think I can make myself. I've become quite the DIYer. I love all the knock-offs that can be found on all the DIY linky parties on various blogs through out each week. They give me hope, and that makes me happy too.

The second thing you should know is that I LOVE coffee. Seriously and completely. It's pretty much what I drink all day every day. There are 2 Starbucks not too far from me that I hit almost daily. The employees at each store know me by name. If you are a coffee lover/Starbucks addict then you should also have a Starbucks Gold Card. They are awesome! For every 15 drinks you buy (the free drip coffee refills count too) you get a postcard good for one free drink!

I have become much better about my coffee spending. For a long time I would get at Triple Grande Breve Mocha at least once a day. If you don't know what that is, the Triple and the Breve basically equal expensive. It got to the point that my Hubby told me I was going to have to get a job just to pay for coffee. I now usually get a Tall Bold Coffee in a Grande Cup and then pour in extra half and half. It's as close as I can get without the price. And I get free refills with my gold card. I now only get my expensive drinks when I can get them free. I am not sure exactly how you get the gold card now. I got mine when you had to pay a yearly fee (a valentine gift from Hubby - I was thrilled - told you I was addicted) and then this year when there is no fee they sent me a new one when my other expired. I'm sure you can go to the Starbucks website and get all the details.

I hope all your Mondays turn out pretty good like mine. I think I may try to sneak out tonight after the little kids go to bed, go to Starbucks, get my expensive free drink and soak in the new PB catalog. Wanna join me?

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  1. Getting my PB catalog is so exciting to me too!!
    Thank you for stopping over to my blog and for your comment!

    Rene' @ BargainHoot